Thursday, September 01, 2005

It ain't a word, it's short for 'innit,' innit?

You know that thing your dentist puts in your mouth to suck out the saliva while he works? My dentist calls it "Mr. Thirsty." He called it that until I was 18, at which point I stopped going to the dentist because my wisdom teeth were growing in and the horror stories that came back from my friends seemed to indicate that a little impaction is better than days and days of searing mouth pain.

But before you get all "You really SHOULD..." know I HAVE been to the dentist, ok, a different dentist, and I'm allowed to keep my wisdom teeth, because they're not impacted, and that is why I am so smart.

But I digress.

Texas is one big ole' Mr. Thirsty, is what it comes down to.

And I am motherfucking Mrs. Thirsty, or I feel like I am, because I am thirsty all. the. time. If there isn't something liquid within arm's reach I start to get panicky and my mouth immediately gets dry and I can't talk and I'm freaking out because I'm THIRSTY! I need a drink! It's true about dry heat - that it feels more manageable than heat with humidity, at least walking around, but the air also sucks all the moisture right out of you.

So I saw the Capitol, which was surprisingly cool (and I don't just mean air-conditioned, ba-dum bum!) and then I found out there's a TOUR, so I may have to go back. Sans tour, I learned that the Capitol building is made of Texas Red Granite. And everyone who fought in the war was given 640 acres of land in thanks for their service once Texas was pried from the cold, dead hands of Mexico and evil evil Santa Anna. And some of the bigger generals and such had last names like Houston, Austin, etc, so they got the cities names after them, and some had counties named after them.

And O. Henry's name wasn't O. Henry and he went to jail for embezzlement.

And I went to Starbucks, because I am weak.

Today we swam and then got Tex-Mex and I thought this is pretty much the perfect way to spend my unemployment, swimming and then following that up with a quesadilla that puts NY quesadillas to shame. I mean, those sad little cheese folded inside a tortilla jobbies is nothing compared to the mountain of beans, rice, two kinds of salsa and I-don't-know-what-else that I put away. Good times.

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