Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I've become an increasingly prolific writer on the label maker I bought at a garage sale last weekend:



'I really like to ride the train especially when I forget where I'm going.'

'Pippo and Addie Best Friends Forever.'

'Chateau Crazy Lady.'

'That's What You Call a Homphobe Troupe.'

'Bridget has a long drive home.'

'I've got a bad feeling.'

'Your boyfriend isn't worth the wait.'

and also the entire first verse and chorus of Peaches' pop hit 'Fuck the Pain Away.' Which I won't repeat because. You know. Kids probably read this. And they have to look up to me. Especially the short ones.
* * * * *

Time is running out! We've got to squeeze in at least three more writing days this week (Go on a do a Rewrite!) which will give us more coffeeshops to explore (Dandelion Cafe. Flightpath. Something South perchance?). Then there's Innerspace Caverns, a few house/birthday parties, two plays to see, Donn's Depot, ACL Fest, Thievery Corporation, Longbranch Inn, etc, etc.

I sound like I have a very active social life. And . . . when have a built-in entourage of one. I do.
* * * * * *

I hope to return to NYC in May. Noradrienne 2006. Methinks a European Noradrienne should be for 2007. Noradrienne Barcelona (baRTHelona). Noradrienne Paris II, Noradrienne Athens. Hmm. Noradrienne London. Expensive but I'd really like to see the UK sometime. Y'know how it goes.
* * * * * *

Pippo and Addie really are best friends forever. Addie commands the kitchen - specifically the dining room table and chairs. Pippo has the entire run of the house. We filmed one of their first confrontations in the kitchen. They just sort of stare and hiss a little bit. Then Pippo walks it off. Or Addie ignores her.
* * * * * *

ps: I also bought an Amy Grant cassette tape for only Fiddy Cent. Baby, baby.

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