Thursday, September 01, 2005


I cooked tofu for the first time today. Ten points for me. It was a meat dish formely known as 'Red Chicken' which is now for the veggies - 'Red Tofu.' It goes a little something like:

Fry tofu (I would do two packages) with about two tablespoons of olive oil until slightly brown. Add in garlic powder, cumin, chili powder (I just dunk it - no real measurements), salt. Then add some cut up red bell pepper (hence RED TOFU), then you dunk two cans of Rotel Tomatoes (go for MILD) on top and turn down the heat. Let that mother absorb that fine, fine juice. Make sure all the goop doesn't evaporate because that bitch is lovely on some garlic couscous.

Next will be: Bean Chimichangas. And possibly a lemon Tofu thang with rosemary and baby potatoes. Ooooh. That sounds good. Having vegetarian roomies is awesome. I'm already eating like a grownup.

PS: Nora. You bitch. I totally posted before you. Ten more points.

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Miss Ambitious said...

Yes! More recipes! Keep 'em coming!