Friday, August 26, 2005

The Governor has decided on pancakes

I haven't been watching "The Real World" lately, so I'm falling behind on all the hip bars, but I did read the New Yorker article on Kinky Friedman running for governor. In the article he said he hates that people aren't taking him seriously on this. Today CNN ran a bit about him, and the headline was, "Is he serious?" CNN, don't you read the New Yorker? The man refers to himself as "The Governor"! Of course he's serious.

Can I go to a rally even if I don't live in Texas? Can I vote for him?

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Miss Ambitious said...

Kinky Friedman is an awesome guy. I once talked to him on the phone and he referred to himself as "The Kinkster" and in "If I give you this blurb, you can do whatever you want with it... trim it, make it grammatically whatever, attribute it to the Kinkster, you know, it's cool."

I'd want that guy as my governor, dude.